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St. Louis’ Coolfire Originals Announces Acquisition of Los Angeles Production Studio


Coolfire Originals, a St. Louis, Mo. based production studio, announced its acquisition of Los Angeles-based Wild Eyes Productions in a move that brings Coolfire to the West Coast with a new studio named Coolfire West.

“As Coolfire Originals has continued its strong growth in the St. Louis area, we’ve always looked to having a presence on the West Coast in the hub of the entertainment industry,” Coolfire Originals’ CEO Jeff Keane said. “Our acquisition of Wild Eyes Productions is a great situation. In addition to developing Coolfire Original’s West Coast operations, the portfolios of both companies are very complementary to each other. Bringing Coolfire Originals and Wild Eyes Productions together forms a very impressive body of work.”

Wild Eyes Productions founder David Keane will serve as president of Coolfire West, and Arcadia Berjonneau, vice president of Wild Eyes Productions, will become Coolfire West’s vice president. Both Keane and Berjonneau will report to Keane in St. Louis.

Wild Eyes Productions, responsible for reality TV show hits such as Bullproof and The Squad, was recently announced as the production company behind the new, untitled Hatfields and McCoys reality show currently in development with The History Channel.

Coolfire Originals, the production group of the Coolfire creative conglomerate, is one of the largest multi-media companies in the Midwest. The company is known for producing several original, unscripted television shows, including Fast ‘n Loud, Welcome to Sweetie Pies and Mom Friends Forever, and will have as many as 10 different shows on the air in 2013.

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