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Technicolor Adds Final Cut Pro X Support to Color Assist


Technicolor's Color Assist.
Technicolor’s Color Assist.
Technicolor announced that its Color Assist video color correction and grading software is now compatible with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X. Since its launch in late-November 2012, Color Assist has quickly amassed a loyal following among aspiring video enthusiasts seeking a professional-grade, yet easy-to-use color system. The company reports that Final Cut Pro X users became particularly vocal about their desire for Color Assist.

Color Assist, which is also available for Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5 & CS 6 on Mac OS, and Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5 and CS 6 on Windows, comes with 25 looks designed by Technicolor studio colorists, each designed to capture a certain genre, effect or style of film making. Users can select and apply these looks and view them in real time, greatly simplifying the creative process. The company is also offering additional Color Assist Look packages, sold separately for $19 each. Color Assist Looks: Movies lets users recreate a classic cinema look, while Color Assist Looks: Extreme is designed for users who want to push the boundaries and create a final product that’s a little more striking.

Based on Technicolor’s DP Lights System, Color Assist offers advanced color correction and grading tools, including a three-way Color Corrector, key selector and curves adjustments. Users are able to save up to nine color compositions per video clip. This non-destructive color correction and grading allows users to experiment freely to achieve their desired look without any degradation of quality.

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