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The Creative-Cartel Adds CineSync to JOUST


The Creative Cartel announced that it has integrated Cospective’s cineSync review and approval technology into its JOUST digital workflow management system. This will allow JOUST users to stream live interactive reviews within its native interface, allowing filmmakers to collaborate remotely on shot reviews.

Users will be able to comment on shots as soon as they become available and give precise, frame accurate feedback to artists that may be spread across different facilities, cities or even countries. As a web-based tool, JOUST Review does not require any software installation, or downloading of files. For guests invited to review material, joining the review is a simple and intuitive process. All notes, annotations and thumbnails can be saved out for import into other production/VFX tools and will be stored within JOUST for future reference and easy sharing among the team.

JOUST will also be integrated with Cospective’s cineSync Pro, the company’s application-based review-and-approval system for high res and stereoscopic material. This will allow users to easily transfer media from JOUST to cineSync Pro when they require the most robust review tools.

JOUST is a web-based application created by The Creative-Cartel to streamline the digital workflow of a project, from production through post. JOUST acts as a repository for all reference material and meta-data during principal photography, including data wrangling information, camera notes as well as pertinent color information for each shot. It is also a tool for postproduction with features that include a dailies and vendor review system and the ability to create bid packages, watermark images and automate vendor submissions. In addition, editorial teams are able to interact with JOUST to manage plate pulls and transcoding.

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