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The Los Angeles Film School Announces New Bachelor of Science Program


The Los Angeles Film School begins its first Bachelor of Science degree in the fall.

The Los Angeles Film School, a creative arts college that offers students an immersive experience, world-class facilities and a supportive culture in preparation for a career in the entertainment industry, announced the launch of its first Bachelor of Science degree in Entertainment Business. The new degree builds on The Los Angeles Film School’s four Associate degree programs in film production, recording arts, game production and computer animation.

“We’re thrilled to be offering our first Bachelor of Science degree and creating valuable opportunities for students interested in careers in entertainment,” said Diana Derycz-Kessler, president of The Los Angeles Film School. “A degree in Entertainment Business is a natural extension for students who want to build on the technical and creative skills they’ve learned in our Associate’s degree programs. And with our talented, award-winning alumni, our business students will have a great network of industry professionals to tap into.”

The new B.S. degree will be offered as an accelerated 18-month course of study to students who have already completed an Associate’s degree at any accredited institution. Student training will include management, leadership, marketing, accounting, finance, intellectual property and digital distribution. Instead of working in a traditional classroom environment, students will work in a professional, project-based environment designed to recreate the challenges and opportunities typical of the entertainment industry. The program also emphasizes ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR), as well as the communication skills needed for a successful career in business.

“The Los Angeles Film School is known for its immersive curriculum and making sure that students get valuable hands-on experience on day one,” said Del Breckenfeld, director, entertainment marketing for Fender Musical Instruments Corp. “As someone who believes in creating authentic experiences for entertainment consumers, I can appreciate the school’s approach to teaching both the technical and creative skills necessary to create compelling content, but also the important business skills needed to bring that content to the audience. This new degree will provide students with a complete 360-degree experience that will serve them well into their careers in entertainment.”

With the entertainment and media industry growing to $597 billion by 2016, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ annual “Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2012-2016” report, it is crucial for students to be prepared for a rapidly-evolving entertainment industry. In addition to being mentored by seasoned, professional instructors, students will build valuable professional networks at The Los Angeles Film School and become part of its community. The school is also host to dozens of exclusive events featuring the industry’s most powerful influences each year, ensuring students are connected as they enter their burgeoning careers.

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