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YUVsoft Launches Render Version of its 2D to 3D Suite for NUKE


YUVsoft, developers of 2D-to-stereo 3D conversion software, announced the launch of the Render Version of its 2D to 3D Suite for NUKE. YUVsoft 2D to 3D Suite for NUKE is a family of stereo 3D conversion plug-ins designed to support the conversion workflow in the NUKE environment. The newly launched Render Version is designed for NUKE customers with render licenses who are engaged in large-scale depth propagation and stereo 3D generation.

“We created the Render Version of our 2D to 3D Suite for NUKE primarily to give our customers options,” said Dmitriy Vatolin, CEO of YUVsoft. “We understand that, for some of our users who are generating large volumes of stereo 3D content in render farms, they may not need all the capabilities of our complete suite. One of the most compelling effects of our technology is that the automated and accelerated workflow saves 3D artists considerable time and money.”

The Render Version offers users the same functionality as the full version, however without support for the NUKE GUI mode. Existing projects (made in the GUI version of NUKE) can be rendered, or scripts can be executed in the same way, and without making any changes to the workflow. Because of NUKE’s scripting engine, it is also possible to complete practically any processing from scratch in the terminal mode, but without access to visual tools available in the full suite, such as the universal depth brush.

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