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Wymsee Launches Sync OnSet for Set Dec


Hollywood-based Wymsee announced the launch of Sync OnSet for Set Dec, its latest workflow system for creative departments on TV and film production. Sync OnSet for Set Dec is customized for the complex workflow requirements of set decorators, leadmen, buyers and on-set dressers.

Sync OnSet for Set Dec adds to the company’s suite of workflow systems for costume, make-up, hair, props and locations. Each of its systems provides a secure, cloud-based application for every stage of physical production. During prep, there are tools for securely importing scenes and characters from a shooting script, saving hours of manual re-entry of script information, as well as tools for budgeting and digital approvals. While shooting, it includes easy-to-use tools for continuity, inventory and collaboration in real time. Wrap is simplified with clean and professional wrap reports, asset lists and archiving. Web and mobile-app accessible, Sync OnSet is available wherever department members are and can also be used offline for remote locations.

“Set Dec is such a big, complex creative department and, as with our other Sync OnSet products, we knew that there was a need for a revolutionary technology solution that could streamline their workflow,” said Alexander LoVerde, CEO of Wymsee. “Sync OnSet was developed to be a secure, robust, yet easy-to-use, digital workflow tool that could finally replace the traditional paper production binder.”

The development team spent hundreds of hours talking to set decorators, leadmen, buyers and set dressers to ensure that the system included features that addressed their workflow needs. These included allowing the team to upload purchase orders and continuity photos all in one place to easily recreate sets. The instant photo-sharing feature allows everyone on the team instant access to the photos of how the set worked in every scene. Users can easily search the history of the inventory and sets.

“I’m very excited by Sync OnSet for Set Dec because it will make the logistical work that we do during all stages of production, which historically has been very labor intensive, much easier for my whole department,” said Tim Metzger, leadman on Showtime’s Happyish. “Sync OnSet was very responsive during development and worked with me to customize the product to bring real efficiency to our workflow and the Sync OnSet team even made training easy.”

Approved by the major studios, the Sync OnSet platform undergoes quarterly testing by a third-party security firm to ensure compliance with studio and MPAA standards.

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