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Archion Technologies Introduces Omni-Hybrid, A Storage Workflow Apparatus For VR, VFX, Animation & Motion Graphics


Archion Technologies, a producer of shared media storage technology, has introduced into the entertainment, broadcasting and multi-media industries its EditStor Omni Hybrid – the company’s newest product within its family of collaborative storage solutions for demanding media workflows. The announcement was made by Reuben Lima, CEO/founder, Archion.

The slogan promoting Archion’s new Omni Hybrid is “Creativity Rendered.” It offers a combination of an unprecedented amount of bandwidth through a single NAS media server to handle 4K DPX/UHD streaming video and accelerated IOPS performance dedicated to rendering, CGI and trans-coding applications.

Omni Hybrid offers an impressive performance: 8,000 MB/second for 4K and other streaming demands, and over 600,000 IOPS for Rendering and CGI Graphics. The product has been certified with Adobe After Effects, Autodesk, Maya/Flame/Lustre, Foundry Nuke, Blackmagic Resolve, and more. The Omni Hybrid offers dramatic scalability, with simple and affordable expansion, and can grow to 1.5 Petabytes of data.

James Tucci, Archion’s chief technology officer, said, “It’s a testament to the significant intellectual property we’ve built over the years that enables our company to offer such tremendous performance both in throughput and IOPS our of just a single affordable NAS system. This enables accelerated graphics and editorial workflows on the one system. This is a huge advantage, as the user does not have to wait to migrate media from one tier to the other.”


Added Mr. Lima, “Our brand new Omni Hybrid finally enables today’s creative facilities to avoid storage infrastructure that includes multiple storage servers and complicated, over-priced SAN technology. Omni Hybrid outperforms all other shared storage solutions for demanding streaming applications and for animation and visual effects workflows. We developed the Omni Hybrid as part of our ongoing commitment to meeting our customers’ needs as they move into new media platforms, including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. This remarkable new product is unmatched by any other company in the marketplace.”

“Our introduction of the Omni Hybrid proves that we are strategically focused on developing products that offer broad capabilities for content creation workflows,” said Dan Stern, Archion’s vice president of business development. “Our company prides itself on the ability to provide powerful collaborative solutions that are affordable, scalable, and meet the most demanding creative requirements anywhere in the world.”

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