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CG Effects Pack Two-Spot Punch for Deadliest Space Weather


To premiere its newest original series, Deadliest Space Weather, The Weather Channel tapped 2C Media to collaborate on a promo campaign literally out of this world. The goal was to build suspense and drive tune-in by transporting viewers right into the show’s unimaginable, astronomical and volatile world of space weather — all, of course, from the safety of their favorite TV-watching locales.

Deadliest Space Weather, premiering Jan. 10 at 6 p.m. PST, reveals extreme weather conditions that occur throughout our solar system, and explores the premise, “What would happen if these harsh conditions could ever prevail on Earth?”

“We were excited to collaborate with The Weather Channel again on such a fascinating series, and one that literally demanded another level of CG ingenuity from our team,” said 2C Media president and co-founder Chris Sloan. “Ben Frank and Luis Martinez were the true stars of this project, which really showcases what can be done with CG regardless of available assets.”

With such a premise, limited assets and tight deadlines, 2C Media needed to pull out the creative stops on this project, which the team — under the direction of The Weather Channel creative director Mark Fredo — conceived, designed and produced from 2C’s Miami studios. Every environment and nearly all of the extensive CG graphics were created in house.

“When we contacted 2C to work on the launch of Deadliest Space Weather, the problem was we had zero assets available,” Fredo said. “Yet, they brought it all to life in spectacular fashion and took it beyond our imagination. Chris and his team have become valued partners as we continue to grow our primetime audience and generate awareness for our original series.”

The resulting 30-second promos offer two different angles in teasing the show’s otherworldly scenarios for both weather enthusiasts and science fans alike. With heavy space-themed motion graphics, the first episode, “Worlds Apart” introduces the series, letting viewers know they are about to take a ride across the universe, where they will encounter powerful weather. “Beyond” digs deeper into the show’s premise, beginning with a familiar storm reporting scene before panning back to reveal the storm, and pulling even farther back to show the Earth from space. The spot then touches on what might happen if a Mars dust storm or ice volcanoes from one of Saturn’s moons happened here.

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