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Craft Animations Introduces Craft CameraFx for MotionBuilder


LR-craft_camerafx_shot_01Swedish software developer Craft Animations announced the launch of Craft CameraFx, a new system that simplifies the process of animation. Designed specifically for camera animation, Craft CameraFx presents users with a layer-based workflow that helps them create a dynamic sequence in a matter of minutes.

Craft CameraFx was inspired by Craft Director Studio’s workflow, and incorporates new abilities to manage cameras within a 3D scene. Traditionally Craft Director Studio users would have to use several cameras if they wanted to string together different effects. Now they can add multiple layers to the same camera and see changes directly from a set view to streamline the animation process. The software also lets users modify a sequence after it’s made, without re-staging and re-recording.

“Traditional methods like spline animation always come with a stiff workflow,” said Michael Belin, co-founder and developer at Craft Animations. “With CameraFx, it’s simple. Want your camera to shake at a precise moment? Simply add a noise effect. Set the start and end times. Bang.”

Tailored for easy customization, effects in Craft CameraFx exist as small modules within its new layer system. Module movement characteristics are generated in real-time and several can be stacked together for scenes that require complex animations.

For example, a user might quickly set up a crude path for an object using a rough spline animation or other basic input. Adding one of CameraFx’s offset effects will then smooth out and extend curves on the path without actually modifying the source animation.

This system was refined from specifications and requests from the Ubisoft Toronto team during the development of “Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist.”

“We relied on Craft CameraFx to help us achieve realistic camera animations in Splinter Cell Blacklist,” said Randy Yuen, camera specialist at Ubisoft Toronto. “We saved time by using this toolset, which helped our team deliver game animations at a very high level of quality.”

Through elements like recording feedback, precise customization, and a variety of effects options, artists of all levels can now have unprecedented control over their animations.

“In markets like games, film and VFX, artists are always in search of something that can save time but still deliver a consistent result,” said Belin. “That’s why we created CameraFx. It’s simple, but also more powerful than any other camera animation tool.”

Craft CameraFx is available now for users of MotionBuilder 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, priced at $1,995.

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