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Creature Art and Mechanics Digital Launches


On Thursday, the group formerly known as Creature and Character Designers launched Creature Art and Mechanics Digital (CAM Digital or CAMd). The company is led by founding partners Scott C. Smith, Timothy Naylor, Andrea Maiolo and Chad Vernon.

Members of CAMd have come from Industrial Light & Magic, Digital Domain and Imagemovers Digital. Some of them worked to bring Davy Jones to life in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and some helped to build the robots in the Transformers franchise.

CAMd is headquartered at 32TEN Studios in San Rafael, Calif., the facility originally occupied by George Lucas’ ILM.

CAMd’s founding partners say the studio has proprietary technologies that allow them to perform some production pipeline tricks that were previously unattainable. The studio is leveraging its technology and creative capacity to serve a full spectrum of clients, from the director who wants over-the-shoulder control, to the visual effects supervisor who needs a highly experienced creative team to help realize his vision.

CAMd will specialize in character and creature design, creating production-ready assets for feature film and animation, with applications for games, television and other multimedia outlets.

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