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CSI Chooses Dilated Pixels for VFX


Rik Shorten
Hollywood-based VFX company Dilated Pixels announced that it will serve as the sole VFX vendor for season 12 of the hit CBS TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Concurrently, the company announced that it has named Emmy award winner Rik Shorten as its new VFX supervisor.

Shorten, who has served as a VFX supervisor on over 100 episodes of CSI since 2008, will continue in that capacity for Dilated Pixels during the upcoming season.

“We’re thrilled to have Rik Shorten working with our team,” said company co-founder TJ Sakasegawa. “Rik has extensive experience as a VFX supervisor working on major feature films and high profile TV shows, and has played an integral role on CSI for many years.”

“Dilated Pixels is doing amazing work for us this season,” said CSI’s executive producer Louis Milito. “They are redefining the way digital effects are done on a television budget and schedule.”

“With today’s tight production schedules and tighter budgets, VFX have really come to the forefront as an invaluable production tool,” said Shorten. “Working with the team at Dilated Pixels, my job will be to understand the visual needs of our client’s production at the script stage, then craft a master plan that gets us the results we’re after. There are so many options out there today, it’s crucial to have a visual blueprint in advance that gives production the flexibility it needs to properly execute our VFX plan.”

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