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iPi Soft Adds Multi-Person Tracking Features and Multiple GPU Support


LR-iPi Soft1-emailLR-iPi Soft1iPi Soft announced that it has added multi-person tracking functionality and support for multiple video cards to its iPi Motion Capture markerless motion capture software line, as well as batch processing and support for up to eight Sony PS Eye cameras, up from six in previous version.

The multi-person tracking feature lets users track two separate, synchronized, natural-looking motions – ideal for capturing choreographed dance, fight and action sequences.

“Almost since the day we introduced iPi Motion Capture, our customers have been asking us to add multi-person functionality to capture even more sophisticated motion,” said Michael Nikonov, iPi Soft’s founder/chief technology architect. “The new multi-person tracking feature will initially support up to two actors, requiring five to eight Sony PS Eye cameras or two depth cameras, such as Kinect or Xtion.”

LR-iPi 2Nikonov added the multiple video cards capability represents a step closer toward the company’s goal of real-time tracking. With two GPUs, users will see an estimated 40 percent increase in tracking speed.

L.A.-based VFX facility The Graphic Film Company is relying on iPi Motion Capture for previs and to track zombie motions for the upcoming feature film Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D slated for theatrical release in early 2014.

“We’re already using iPi Motion Capture successfully on our middle-ground and background zombie action, but having the ability to record two actors at the same time and get that interaction is a huge plus,” said Anthony Hoit, systems development lead at The Graphic Film Company. “With access to multi-person tracking we will be able to generate an expanded range of unique motions to incorporate into our animation. Coupled with the increased tracking speeds, this is a real game-changer, especially considering the desktop software is so affordably priced.”

The new multi-person and multi-GPU capabilities are available for free to all Standard license owners via the company’s website.

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