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JAMM Delivers Invisible VFX for Carl’s Jr.


LR-still04In its inaugural project, Santa Monica-based VFX house JAMM Visual recently delivered invisible effects for Carl’s Jr. “Au Naturel” Super Bowl commercial. The spot features model Charlotte McKinney strolling through a crowded farmer’s market in what appears to be nothing more than her birthday suit.

JAMM artists worked closely with RSA director Jake Scott and agency 72andSunny to ensure that the piece would be as revealing as possible.

This involved a good amount of invisible work in postproduction. VFX artists added, nudged and removed elements to reinforce the piece’s implied nudity as McKinney makes her way through the market. This included adding CG water, hair, crowd duplication and wardrobe manipulation to get as close as possible to the line of acceptability without crossing it. In many cases (notably the CG water spray) visual effects were utilized to dial in the appropriate amount of obscuring elements so the creative team could maintain control over what you do and don’t see.

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