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Maxon Announces Animation Contest Website



Maxon, a developer of 3D software solutions for modeling, painting, animation and rendering, announced – a new contest web site where digital artists utilizing Adobe After Effects CC and Cinema 4D Lite can compete in theme-related animation contests.

Cinema 4D Lite is a limited version of Maxon’s 3D package bundled with Adobe Creative Cloud and After Effects CC. This live 3D pipeline inside After Effects allows users to import 3D objects and use them in 3D scenes without leaving After Effects. The regularly scheduled competitions are designed to showcase innovative ways creative professionals use the two programs to create content.

The WinC4D kick-off competition – Ultimate Prize Fight – invites contestants to submit a “knock-out” 10-second prizefight themed animation. Maxon has made models, textures, as well as other assets available on the site to help kick start contestants’ projects. The grand-prize-winning entry will be chosen by a panel of 3D artists. Enthusiasts and contestants visiting now through Sept. 30 can recognize their favorite entries by giving “Props” or “Paper Plate Awards,” in a variety of categories including: “Eye-Candy Crown,” “LOL Master” and “Most Innovative.” The grand prize entry will receive a copy of Cinema 4D Broadcast.

“Since it was bundled in After Effects last year, Cinema 4D Lite has garnered a lot of interest from 2D artists excited to explore 3D design. Unfortunately, busy designers don’t always have free time to develop additional skillsets,” said Paul Babb, president and CEO, Maxon – The Americas. “We came up with the idea of to give them motivation to explore integrating 3D into their After Effects workflow.”

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Motion capture systems developer Vicon is previewing a futuristic new “Mobile Mocap” technology at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver. Moving mocap out of the lab and into the field, Vicon's Mobile Mocap system taps several new technologies, many years in the making. At the heart of Mobile Mocap is a very small lipstick-sized camera that enables less obtrusive, more accurate facial animation data. The new cameras capture 720p (1280X720) footage at 60 frames per second. In addition, a powerful processing unit synchronizes, stores, and wirelessly transmits the data, all in a tiny wearable design.

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