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Ncam and Disguise Announce Virtual Studio Tech Partnership


NCam MK 2
NCam MK 2 Hardware I

The evolution of gear available for Virtual Production continues with the announcement that Ncam and disguise will be joining forces to unite Ncam’s real-time camera tracking system with the disguise xR in order to create “an intuitive blend of LED technology, real-time rendering and point cloud tracking for high-end virtual productions.”

This is the same tracking tech already used by DisneyCNN and Netflix to bring more flexibility to broadcast and live events that want to blend CGI, video and extended reality (XR) in the most appealing way possible. The disguise platform has already been used on things like Disney Animation’s Frozen as well as the Coachella Festival to help brands explore immersive storytelling with the latest advancements in XR.

disguise xR technology can be used to blend virtual and physical worlds together, bringing immersive AR and MR to live production environments, an xR solution that expands teams’ ability to deliver virtual filming systems to a wider variety of clients that need trackers that aren’t limited to a single surface or location.

According to the press release:

disguise xR can directly respond to growing trends built on LED walls and live real-time content, producing pixel-perfect live imagery on vast, complex surfaces. By combining Ncam Reality with disguise’s current offering, clients will be able to visualize live AR, MR & XR, real-time CGI environments, set extensions and CGI elements directly in-camera, using the most advanced tracker in the world.

Novel for its use of computer vision and point clouds, Ncam Reality can track in any environment, on any camera, with any lens or rig, making it easy to build into any type of production. This flexibility will also allow productions to quickly swap out virtual sets during remote shoots, reducing both real estate requirements and the number of staff needed onsite, so budgets can stretch even further.

Ncam CEO Nic Hatch stated, “The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition to virtual graphics, leaving many companies wondering where to start. This partnership helps brands jump on a growing trend with trained experts and advanced tech, so they can set themselves up for a future that is only going to get more visual.”

disguise CCO Tom Rockhill adds, “No matter what the project, our goal is to give our customers more flexibility as they plan their next adventure. Ncam’s ability to use natural markers and IR reflectors gives unique versatility, which means it can be used both indoors and outdoors, on an LED wall or for AR graphics in an open space. The possibilities are endless, and that’s exactly how we want our clients to feel.”

For inquiries about using this xR technology on projects, you can contact the disguise team at [email protected].


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