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OptiTrack Launches Prime 17W Motion Capture Camera


OptiTrack's Prime 17W motion capture camera.
OptiTrack’s Prime 17W motion capture camera.

OptiTrack announced the launch of its Prime 17W motion capture camera – the latest offering in the company’s Prime Series line of high performance motion capture and tracking cameras. With 1.7 Megapixels (MP) and a wide-angle field of view (FOV), the Prime 17W is designed to maximize coverage in a variety of volumes.

The Prime 17W’s 70° by 51° field of view and 50 foot range offers users flexible deployment and configuration options. Though high camera counts are supported, the wide angle FOV is designed to deliver clean, continuous data with fewer cameras. Also capable of tracking exceptionally fast moving objects, the Prime 17W’s global shutter and 360 fps full resolution capture rate make it ideally suited for UAV, robotic and sports tracking and other demanding high-speed applications.

“Every facet of the Prime 17W was thoughtfully constructed to afford users the greatest degree of freedom in assembling high quality motion capture systems, without a hefty price tag,” said Jim Richardson, CEO of OptiTrack. “We are challenging the outdated thinking that motion capture is complicated, and with this release are breaking down traditional barriers like budget and space limitations. The Prime 17W is powerful, easy to install and can effortlessly squeeze large capture volumes into tight or narrow spaces.”

When used with OptiTrack’s Motive software, the Prime 17W produces the clean 3D motion capture data, even capturing subtle finger movements with Motive:Body software.

The Prime 17W is now available for $3,699.

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