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Production Pipeline Expo 2013


What originally began as the Career Fair & Technology Expos of 2011 and 2012 has evolved into a two-day event, the Production Pipeline Expo. This inaugural event, will be held May 3-4 at the Barker Hanger, Santa Monica Airport and has been designed as a visual effects and animation expo, complete with expert panels, must-see presentations, educational sessions and provocative speakers.

Programming at the Expo will address the creation, development, management and delivery of content across film, television and games along all the disciplines involved within an actual production pipeline, with special attention paid to the creation process.

“The Production Pipeline Expo 2013 has been conceived to serve as a new home for the solutions that will inspire today’s artist, help discover tomorrow’s new leaders and spark original ideas that will drive ‘the next big thing’ in the collective creative industries of VFX, animation and game development,” said Anthony Horn, recent director of marketing and development for the Visual Effects Society. “This show will focus on the artists, new technologies, original thinking and talent building, and has been designed to inspire and teach on a collective level.”

Creative disciplines involved in the production pipeline process will also be presented on the Expo’s showroom floor. These disciplines include lighting & rendering, look development & element shoots, modeling and texture, compositing, animation and visual effects, previs & film scans, roto and plate prep, rigging & grading, tracking & match movement and high dynamic range photos.

The inaugural Production Pipeline Expo has secured a number of major corporate sponsors, including DreamWorks Animation, Marvel, Nvidia, TNG Visual Effects, Wacom, Assimilate, Blackmagicdesign,, PhaseSpace, Faceware Technologies, Inc. and Animation Magazine.

UPDATE: The venue for the first Production Pipeline Expo has been changed to Raleigh Studios, stages 10 and 14. For more information, visit:

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