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Avid Introduces Media Composer 7


LR- Media Composer 7 Mac LaptoAt NAB, Avid introduced its Media Composer 7, which offers simplified file-based workflows, including optimized HD delivery from high-resolution source material and automated media operations. With content being delivered in different HD codecs from a variety of high-res cameras, editors typically must perform time-consuming transcode and resize operations before editing can begin. Media Composer 7 eliminates this step by enabling editors to work directly in HD from the high-res source material.

Media management is improved because version 7 now allows media linked via Avid Media Access (AMA) to benefit from the complete suite of media management tools formerly reserved for native Avid media. In addition, dynamic media folders accelerate and simplify AMA media management tasks automatically in the background.

The FrameFlex tool and LUT support enable editors to ingest 2K, 4K and 5K media with real-time color space conversion and deliver content directly to HD. Advanced color correction tools have been added to Media Composer with the new Symphony option.

On the audio side, the master audio fader lets editors control overall program volume and insert plug-ins for compression, equalization and compliance metering. With the clip gain tool, editors can adjust gain on a specific clip, independent of track-based automation, without engaging separate audio tools.

The new release also offers Interplay Sphere for Mac support. Using Media Composer Interplay Edition, creative teams can edit, share, tag, track and sync media as it flows through the production process anywhere in the world.

The upgraded Avid Media Composer 7 will be available in June.

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