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Quixote Studios Unveils New Pre-Lit Green Screen Stage


Quixote Studios' new Stage 10
Quixote Studios announced the opening of a new pre-lit greenscreen stage at its Quixote Griffith Park Stage 10.

Quixote Studios’ stages in Los Angeles, Boston and New Orleans provide cutting-edge production capabilities to a wide range of feature, advertising and digital content productions teams, including the popular CBS crime show Criminal Minds, which calls the QPark stages “home.”

Stage 10 at QPark now features a pre-lit, greenscreen cyc that is “plug and play” and can accommodate the most advanced lighting capabilities available today.

Limited time is required for rigging and derigging, and customers are charged a flat price for the stage rental. The stage is ideal for large gallery shoots and high-capacity, upscale events, film shoots and commercial productions. Quixote / Smashbox Studios vice president Abel Gallardo explained, “We specialize in providing a five-star experience to every stage client that chooses our facilities for their production home. Stages 6, 7 and 10 are no exception. Our continued commitment is to anticipate our clients’ needs while providing a creative and budget-friendly production environment.”

QPark Stage 10 measures 5,112 square feet with dimensions 58′ x 94′. It offers a 2-wall cyc measuring 43′ x 43′ x 17′, with 16′-18′ to the grid, and 1,200 amp, three-phase power. The company also offers high-quality grip services, set lighting, camera and art department expendables, including make-up, wardrobe as well as production offices, wi-fi, and a client lounge.

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