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Timber Crafts Pirate Ships and Sharks For 1-800 Contacts Spot


Still from 1-800 Contacts' Pirates.
Still from 1-800 Contacts’ Pirates.
Agency Pereira & O’Dell recently called on L.A.-based design/VFX house to handle visual effects for “Pirates,” the latest installment in an ongoing 1-800 Contacts ad campaign. The spot was directed by Epoch’s Phil Morrison and edited by Arcade’s Greg Scruton.

Timber helped supervise Morrison’s massive greenscreen shoot and execute the visual effects. To produce an authentic, fog-soaked ship, the scene was filmed with smoke, which created the unavoidable consequence of green spill that was suppressed in post by Dave Hussey of Company 3 and the Timber team.

Still from 1-800 Contacts' Pirates
Still from 1-800 Contacts’ Pirates.
To place the ship in its watery context, Timber scouted docks to film with the exact height and dimensions for perfect background plates. The team used tracking and projection to help unite the ship and sea elements. To further enhance the cinematic feel of the commercial, Timber concepted and created a burning ship and a frenzy of sharks.

“The spot’s concept was massive, and we wanted to add elements that would provide thematic visual interest. The agency and Phil said ‘go for it,’ and that’s exactly what we did,” said Timber partner and creative director Jonah Hall. “Burning ships and sharks – that’s a veritable visual effects playground. It was pure enjoyment.”

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