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Vicon Debuts New Vantage Cameras and Control App at SIGGRAPH 2015


AT SIGGRAPH this week, Vicon announced the debut of Vantage, its new flagship camera line, alongside the Control mobile app. The company also announced a series of updates to Cara, Vicon’s facial motion capture system for film and games production.

Vantage has been designed to provide up-to-the-minute information to the system operator. It continuously monitors performance with a host of new sensors, giving the user visual feedback through the on-board camera display, in the software and on Vicon’s new tablet application Control. This gives users the opportunity to make adjustments on the fly.

Control is Vicon’s new iOS app, which frees the user from the capture PC. Operators can remotely change camera settings, calibrate and start and stop capture, turning what was traditionally a multiple crew setup into a one-person job. With touch-sensitive commands, users can simply select and monitor Vantage, T-Series or Bonita cameras in the Control app in real time.

Vicon’s Cara system is designed to enable studios of any size to bring characters to life through advanced facial tracking and capture. The modular system allows customers to use different tracking systems alongside Cara Post, which provides the engine and tools to extract high-quality 3D point data from marker-based capture footage. The latest version of Cara delivers improved output support and increased functionality, especially when using Cara with fewer than four cameras.

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