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Vitamin Creates an Ice Kingdom for Coors Light


LR-Coors_Shatter01Chicago-based Vitamin Pictures recently created two animated spots for Coors Light that transport viewers into worlds populated by tumbling glaciers and freezing liquid. Conceived by Chicago agency Commonground, the commercials introduce artist-designed special edition cans available for a limited time.

The first spot, “Crevice,” opens with the camera traveling at hyper speed through an enormous ice canyon. A fissure opens and icy boulders begin to fall from the sky. The camera pulls back to reveal that the frozen landscape is actually the surface of the new 12-oz aluminum “Shatter” pint.

“We really liked the idea of creating a world on the other side of the paint,” said Vitamin creative director Danny DelPurgatorio. “For ‘Crevice,’ which was the first spot out of the gate, we wanted to make sure we went big in scale, visually. And because this spot was introducing consumers to the new campaign, there needed to be a bit of mystery behind it as well.”

The second spot, “Drip,” takes the opposite approach in exploring a macro world. In this spot, red and blue liquid falls from the sky and explodes into a sea of ice crystals, before the camera pulls back to reveal the “Splash” can artwork.

“For Drip we wanted to play with defying gravity,” explained DelPurgatorio. “The spot’s orientation rotates as the story unfolds. We had the same team working on both spots, so the challenge here was to completely shift gears and look at everything through a much different lens, literally and figuratively. Ultimately, what made both of these spots a success was the collaborative process within Vitamin and also with our friends at Commonground.”

Vitamin Pictures spent two months producing the two ads. 3D modeling was done in Z-Brush. 3D animation relied on Maya, and 3D VFX was handled in Houdini and Nuke.

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