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Red recently shipped the first 25 cameras in its immense backlog of orders, and at press time, the company was promising to follow that up with #26-50 in mid-September.
The company first showed up at NAB 2006 promising to spark a “revolution” in the film industry by offering a feature-rich 4K camera body for just $17,500, and Red has since taken thousands of orders from filmmakers eager to come along for the ride.
According to Ted Schilowitz, who has the title ‘leader of the rebellion,’ “Hopefully we’ll be able to kick manufacturing into full gear and ship to the initial 1,500 reservation holders in six months and then from there, for the foreseeable future we have orders to fill. We don’t talk about the specific number, because the other camera manufacturers would love to know that know that number.”
Initially, the company has only enabled what it calls “critical features” on its first shipments with plans to follow up with software and hardware updates over the coming months.
The initial cameras have no output other than Compact Flash and don’t have audio enabled yet.

Written by Scott Lehane

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