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ARRI CSC to Offer Codex Recorders for Rental


Camera renal house, ARRI CSC has made a significant investment in Codex Digital onboard recorders and will soon have them available for rental in the U.S.

Codex Digital recently became the first company to receive ARRI’s ARRIRAW T-Link (Transport Link) certification, confirming the ability of its recorders to record raw data from the ARRI Alexa film-style camera. Its recorders are similarly certified for recording ARRIRAW from the ARRIFLEX D-21 camera for the Codex Studio Recorder.

“ARRI’s Alexa, particularly with ARRIRAW, has generated enormous excitement in the industry, and pairing the camera with Codex recorders results in a camera-to-post solution that is production proven, and unparalleled in its quality, flexibility and performance.” said Codex Digital managing director Marc Dando.

ARRI CSC, which has rental facilities in New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina and Los Angeles, offers a variety of digital recording systems to support its extensive digital camera inventory. The company also offer a full range of lenses, film cameras and accessories, as well as lighting and grip equipment.

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