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Artel Video Systems and Wheatstone Join Forces to Demonstrate Live Remote Production at 2017 NAB Show


Artel's InfinityLink
Artel’s InfinityLink

Artel Video Systems and Wheatstone will partner at the 2017 NAB Show to demonstrate end-to-end connectivity of live remote production.

Working in partnership, Wheatstone and Artel will demonstrate how broadcasters can control audio services remotely and in real time. Artel’s InfinityLink broadcast media transport chassis will provide the Ethernet links between Wheatstone’s foosball sporting event and the IP audio console in booth N6531 as well as the fiber link to the Artel booth N4511 a few aisles away. On the same bidirectional fiber link, feed from a GoPro on a drone in the Artel booth will be networked into the WheatNet-IP using an I/O BLADE.

Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP is an AES67-compatible network of virtual audio services that includes audio routing, control, mixing, and processing.

“This is very timely as broadcasters continue to strive for efficiencies in their operations,” said Rafael Fonseca, vice president product management with Artel. “We are excited to be teaming up with Wheatstone to demonstrate the versatility and flexibility in our solutions for remote production.”

“With audio services virtualized on the network as software — rather than as external, single-point-of-use hardware devices or as features limited to the console — the WheatNet-IP audio network, along with Artel’s InfinityLink media transport platform, makes it possible to seamlessly integrate functions between a home studio and a remote event across a WAN,” said Wheatstone director of sales Jay Tyler.

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Vicon Introduces Mobile Mocap at SIGGRAPH

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