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Bexel Introduces New Fiber Mini Booth Kits


Fiber Mini Booth Kit
Fiber Mini Booth Kit

Bexel Global Broadcast Solutions, a worldwide provider of broadcast services, has introduced a new Fiber Mini Booth Kit as a part of their offerings in fiber optic technologies. The new Mini Booth Kit is smaller and lighter solution for interfacing the announce booth with audio, video, intercom and IFB equipment and making connections to the mobile unit.

The new Mini Booth Kit, which measures 15”L x 25”W x 20”H, comes packaged in a custom light­weight rack with suitcase style handles and wheels for easy transport, and includes 12 video, 16 audio, IFB, Intercom, plus the option for robotic camera support.

“The Mini Booth Kit offers the same rugged functionality of its larger predecessor, but is housed in a custom case less than half the size,” noted Edd Bonner, Bexel VP of engineering & operations. “It is extremely user friendly and can be moved around and set up within minutes. We designed this this kit for productions such as regional college football broadcasts, or music concerts, where there is only one technical manager on site who is tasked with setting up the various fiber paths. This kit was created to help them get up and going quickly, so they can focus on other parts of the production.”

The Mini Booth Kit gives productions the ability to send and receive 12 bi-directional video paths (six each way), 16 audio (eight microphones, eight Intercom paths), four IFB channels and an optional robotic interface (with Ethernet control) over six strands of single-mode “tactical” fiber-optic cabling and send it more than 3,000 feet without signal degradation. The robotic interface enables the production crew to control (pan-tilt-zoom) a camera mounted in the announce booth from the production truck located hundreds of feet away.

“Bexel has always been a technological leader when it comes to our fiber optic product offerings. The mini booth kits continue that legacy by providing an economical yet powerful solution that delivers on size and efficiency,” concluded Lee Estroff, Bexel VP of strategic accounts.

To find out more about Bexel’s Fiber Mini Booth Kit, visit

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