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Bully Pictures’ Fredrik Callinggard Directs New Spots for Verizon, Union Bank and Target


Fredrik Callinggard of Bully Pictures shot a new campaign for Union Bank in Copenhagen.
Bully Pictures‘ director Fredrik Callinggard recently directed “Circles” – a commercial for Verizon and mcgarrybowen, New York that introduces the new Galaxy Nexus phone. This is one of three new commercial projects directed by Callinggard in the past few months. The others include an international campaign for Union Bank, and a holiday package for Target.

“Fred brought a level of taste and design to the project,” said Bully Pictures’ executive producer Jason Forest. “He added a playful attitude to the spot and the agency enjoyed working with him. The production was smooth sailing.”

Callinggard’s three new spots for Union Bank promote the bank’s international reach through fanciful imagery reflected in the walls of glass and steel office buildings. In one, a businessman, strolling down an urban street, sees images of Rio de Janeiro, Southeast Asia and London reflected in windows and doors around him. At one point, he steps through the glass and enters a Malaysian street market. Later, he reaches through glass to hand an umbrella to a London woman caught in a storm.

Callinggard chose to shoot the campaign in Copenhagen because of the city’s unique mix of modern and traditional architecture. Footage for the reflections was shot in Malaysia, Brazil and other locations with each shot carefully designed to match the perspective of the corresponding foreground shot.

“It looks great because the perspective matches,” says Marstrand. “For the Copacabana sequence, we shot segments of the beach from four angles that conform to the elements we shot in Copenhagen – the angles, the distances and the perspectives are exactly the same.”

During the week that the production spent in Copenhagen, the city was visited by unseasonable rainfall of historic proportions. “We were rained on nearly every day,” said Marstrand. “We shot at odd hours to get the light and the amazing locations we needed, and in the end we were able to pull everything off.”

Callinggard’s holiday work for Target and Los Angeles based agency Group Gallegos uses an extreme slow motion technique to convey honest and emotional moments that naturally happen as a family celebrates the holidays together.

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