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ChyronHego 2016 NAB Show New York Product Preview


ChyronHego Hybrid Virtual Studio
ChyronHego Hybrid Virtual Studio

At the 2016 NAB Show New York, ChyronHego will showcase products designed for easing the path to all-IP operations for broadcast customers. The spotlight will be on the template-based tools in ChyronHego’s CAMIO Universe, a producer-driven software ecosystem for newsroom production.

The CAMIO Universe
As media companies continue to grapple with the challenges of migrating away from proprietary hardware models and toward IT-centric, software-based operations, they need integrated solutions that will deliver the highest rate of return. To address these requirements, ChyronHego has launched the CAMIO Universe, a software-based newsroom production ecosystem that aims to empower producers and journalists to create compelling news stories and deliver them rapidly to air. At the 2016 NAB Show New York, ChyronHego will showcase key elements of the CAMIO Universe including the new LyricX 2.0 graphics creation environment and the Hybrid family of virtual studio and augmented graphics solutions.

LyricX 2.0
ChyronHego will highlight the latest version of LyricX, a 64-bit release of the company’s award-winning Lyric PRO graphics creation and playout platform. Released earlier this year, LyricX is aimed at broadcast graphics creation and playout — particularly for memory-intensive features such as 4K resolution. LyricX 2.0 adds usability enhancements and even greater performance to LyricX to drive the full gamut of today’s broadcast requirements including HD and 4K types of graphics applications.

ChyronHego PRIME
ChyronHego PRIME

Hybrid Virtual Graphics Solution
ChyronHego’s Hybrid virtual studio/augmented reality tracking solutions provide real-time, precise camera motion within 2D or 3D computer-generated backgrounds. From hand-held camera movements to pan-tilt-zoom-focus, Hybrid employs an open and scalable solution for tracking virtual reality, whether using precise motion-tracking robotic camera support with no video/audio delays, or interfacing with third-party tracking systems. At the 2016 NAB Show New York, ChyronHego will spotlight its Hybrid trackless studio solution, a compact, cost-effective turnkey single-box offering.

PRIME Ecosystem
The PRIME Ecosystem is ChyronHego’s new universal graphics platform that is based on the latest version of ChyronHego’s render engine, with support for graphics, branding, and a dedicated clip player. PRIME features a new user interface, providing drag-and-drop design for quick and easy scene construction, and an all-new browser and scene designer with an enhanced timeline. PRIME’s Advanced Data Object provides drag-and-drop, filtered data-binding to scene elements, and ChyronHego’s NewsTicker can provide back-end data streams to PRIME. Users of PRIME can select optional software modules, or packages, that best suit their specific broadcast requirements. Packages include a Branding Package, a Clips Package, and a News Package that can operate simultaneously from a single PRIME server.

Paint Telestration and Analysis Tool
ChyronHego will showcase its Paint analysis and telestration tool. Designed to meet the specific requirements of sports broadcasters, Paint enables “Illustrated Replay” — a combination of replay, graphics, and analysis that brings game play to life. With Paint, sports broadcasters have the ability to telestrate on clips created from live footage or files stored elsewhere. These can be used for near-live replays or post-match analysis.

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