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Cintel to Showcase ORIGIN at NAB


Cintel International will show the first working version of its new ORIGIN data image restoration tool at NAB in April. imageMill2 ORIGIN is a data-based image restoration tool, processing 2K and HD DPX files faster than real time. ORIGIN can fix dust, scratches and other image defects and run simultaneously with GRACE, the company’s noise and film grain management tool, as well as STEADY, Cintel’s real-time image stabilization application.

“imageMill2 already addresses the industry’s need for fast and simple-to-use noise and grain management tools for both data-centric digital intermediate applications and restoration projects,” said Simon Carter, Cintel’s sales director, “ORIGIN can now fix a lot of image defects in real time, which is amazing considering many software-only systems can take up to a minute per frame. With speeds in excess of 31fps for 2K and HD files, the performance of imageMill2 is unequaled. We are currently processing 4K files at 10fps and can also deal with SD files at twice real time.”

Cintel will also be demonstrating a new faster version of the diTTo evolution film scanner with 2K speeds at up to 11fps and 4K at up to 7.5fps. diTTo evolution is the first film scanner to be instantly switchable from pin registration to non-pin registration and also the first to include film grain management and image stabilization tools.

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