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Digigram Unveils IQOYA *X/LINK System for Cost-Effective Full IP Delivery of Multiple Audio Programs to Multiple Targets


Digigram IQOYA *X/LINK IP Audio Codec for End-to-End IP Transport
Digigram IQOYA *X/LINK IP Audio Codec for End-to-End IP Transport

Digigram, developer of audio and video solutions, today announced the release of the compact, high-density, ultra-low-power IQOYA *X/LINK. The new device integrates multiple IP audio codecs and IP audio protocols to facilitate robust low-latency distribution for studio-to-studio links (SSL), studio-to-transmitter links (STL), DVB radio, and web radio programs from low-latency, AES67-compatible synchronous audio-over-IP (AoIP) sources.

“Our new IQOYA *X/LINK gives IP audio-based studios a cost-effective and easy-to-manage solution for distributing multiple audio programs simultaneously to targets such as FM transmitters, DVB/cable operators, and web radio CDNs,” said Stephane Bert, product manager at Digigram. “In addition to providing a direct connection to AES67-compliant and Livewire networks, this new system facilitates simple configuration through an intuitive web GUI and via SNMP.”

Built on an enhanced version of Digigram’s award-winning IQOYA ARM-based platform and powered by the company’s FluidIP encoding and streaming engine, IQOYA *X/LINK enables straightforward encoding, decoding, and transcoding of multiple audio programs from and to AES67-compliant networks, RAVENNA networks, or Livewire networks for distribution to ACIP and other popular WAN AoIP formats.

Occupying a 1-RU fanless rack, the Digigram system supports up to 10 bidirectional stereo codecs and performs multiformat encoding, enabling RTP, UDP, Icecast/Shoutcast, and MPEG-TS/IP streaming. By offering three network ports, the system allows users to physically separate AES67 streams, ACIP streams, and management traffic.

Eliminating the need for AES67 audio bridges and facilitating management of multiple audio programs to various distribution targets, IQOYA *X/LINK reduces capital expenditures. With high reliability and low power consumption (10 W), the Digigram product helps keep operating expenses low as well.

Further information about Digigram and the company’s products is available at or by phone at +33 4 76 52 47 47.

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