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Edit 1 Unveils a New Cast of Previs Characters


LR-Edit 1New York-based previs boutique Edit 1 has unveiled its next generation asset library. This includes a new “cast” of visually appealing and more relatable characters, an expanded set of virtual environments, as well as an updated collection of modernized wardrobe and character accessories. The new assets will help agencies and brands receive more reliable market research data during testing.

“When focus group audiences view a pre-vis spot, having a more natural and relatable look to all of the components in that commercial helps eliminate distractions that can take them out of the story,” said company owner/ECD Michael Zimbard. “Our goal is to make the core idea of a spot the deciding factor in how consumers respond, which in turn provides more accurate test scores.”

Zimbard explained that while establishing a new overall look was key, it was also important to be able to adapt to the needs of a specific project. Edit1’s new character animation library offers clients various options – from photo-real animation to more illustrated, stylized looks – depending on the concept.

The company has also invested in new technology to enhance its 3D workflow.

“Our new pipeline is now a lot more flexible,” said executive producer Michael Donovan. “Combining our ability to make faster modifications, along with the overall elevated quality of the characters and assets in a spot, clients not only get great final results, but the smoothest process getting there.”

“In addition to creating proprietary tools that allow our artists to work faster, we’ve also invested in new inertial motion capture and markerless facial capture technology to animate more natural-looking character movement and reactions,” Zimbard added.

Agency Publicis Kaplan Thaler and Proctor & Gamble recently came to Edit 1 with two new Scope campaigns. Edit 1’s enhanced asset technology gave the agency the ability to make fast changes to character look and overall animation throughout the production process.

“We were able to show them a lot of creative possibilities before making a decision,” said Donavan. “The icing on the cake was that the test scores came in so high for both campaigns that it created an internal debate at the agency over which spots to produce full up.”

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