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HP Debuts Virtual Reality Solutions and Services for Businesses


HP Z VR Backpack Rear
HP Z VR Backpack Rear

HP has announced new commercial products for virtual reality (VR), intended to reduce concept to production cycle times, improve training procedures and deliver fully immersive customer experiences. As part of this strategy, the company is unveiling the world’s first professional wearable VR PC1 – the new HP Z VR Backpack. Crafted to bring the full potential of VR to-life, it is the world’s most secure and manageable wearable VR PC2ever created.

“Virtual reality is changing the way people learn, communicate and create,” said Xavier Garcia, vice president and general manager, Z Workstations, HP Inc. “Making the most of this technology requires a collaborative relationship between customers and partners. As a leader in technology, HP is uniting powerful commercial VR solutions, including new products like the HP Z VR Backpack, with customer needs to empower VR experiences our customers can use today to reinvent the future.”

The opportunities for commercial VR are nearly limitless for businesses in product design, architecture, healthcare, first responder training, automotive and entertainment. Emerging technologies like VR can create breakthroughs like reinventing the buying experience in automotive showrooms to changing the way hospitals train their staff.

LR-PerseusZVR_ProductDesigner_Blue_1920x1080_tcm245_2504783_tcm245_2504202_tcm245-2504783HP is investing in immersive virtual and augmented reality technologies with the goal of giving customers and partners tools for commercial VR use cases. Thirteen immersion centers will open later this year in Palo Alto, Houston, Boise, Fort Collins, Stockholm, London, Paris, Barcelona, Boeblingen, Beijing, Sydney, Tokyo and Singapore, and have been designed so customers can have an immersive experience using HP VR technology and receive consulting and learn how to best deploy VR devices within their business.

HP Z VR Backpack

The HP Z VR Backpack was built with the intention of providing the freedom to move and maintain total immersion with high quality visual performance and docking capabilities. The HP Z VR Backpack is designed as a catalyst for more powerful VR experiences across many enterprises and businesses including the following use case examples:

  • Businesses can use VR to deliver safe and effective simulated training in dangerous environments, in medical training or for heavy/large equipment operations. In all these environments costly mistakes can be avoided with effective VR training solutions using the HP Z VR Backpack.
  • In architectural building development, virtual walkthroughs at scale for client reviews can help quickly close the deal.
  • In product development where product concepts are reviewed, executive agreement and sign off for new product styling can be done in virtual product showrooms.
  • In commercial entertainment, new location-based entertainment centers featuring exhilarating virtual reality experiences can now be realized with the HP Z VR Backpack.

HP’s untethered VR Backpack is reportedly light with an ergonomic backpack design and hot swappable batteries to provide unrestricted freedom within an immersive experience. The Intel Core i7 vPro processor provides the power to process applications and includes the vPro chipset. The HP Z VR Backpack is the first wearable VR PC in the market with the NVIDIA Quadro P5200 with a huge 16GB video memory3. Finally, its docking solution lets digital creators quickly transition back and forth between desktop for content design and wearable VR PC to validate creations. The HTC Vive Business Edition HMD (sold separately) is part of the HP VR portfolio. HP Z VR Backpack is scheduled to be available in September starting at $3,299 USD. The datasheet is available here.

The HP VR Product Portfolio

HP Z Workstation VR Product Family
HP Z Workstation VR Product Family

HP’s devices aim to empower customers to create and consume VR content. HP’s commercial grade products are designed for applications that require high levels of security, manageability, reliabilty and ISV certified applications.

The HP ZBook 17 Mobile Workstation can be configured with the optimal graphic solutions to bring VR content to-life in an ultra-smooth 90 FPS VR experience.

HP Z Desktop Workstations are designed to create visually accurate VR content. HP Z Workstations desktops feature the latest processors and graphics cards and are built to stay quiet and cool for graphic-intensive tasks.

The HP EliteDesk 800 G3 Tower, a VR-certified PC, features a redesigned, 26 percent smaller chassis for the modern workplace.

The OMEN X Compact Desktop is intended for gamers. The factory-overclocked GPU from NVIDIA means it can dock and undock quickly for gaming anywhere or can be used as a backpack for an untethered consumer VR gaming experience.

Project Mars

HP also announced HP Mars Home Planet, a project in partnership with NVIDIA, Technicolor, Fusion, Autodesk, Unreal, Launch Forth and Vive. The collaboration will create a global online co-creation community to reinvent life on Mars for one million humans, in virtual reality.

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