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IATSE and AMPTP Fail To Reach Agreement; Negotiations Continue


IATSEPresumably, you’ve been keeping up with the updates on the negotiations between the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), which includes 13 key Hollywood local unions, and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), since the deadline for a new contract was on Friday, Sept. 10.

AMPTPAlthough the website set up for contract updates (  had not been updated since August 31, a new update was posted to members yesterday, which reads as follows:

“The basic agreement bargaining committee has met over the last two days with the AMPTP. An agreement has not been reached,” the union said in its latest update to its members.

“The parties’ extension agreement expired at midnight on Sept. 10th but negotiations continue. In the meantime, the status quo remains in effect and all members should continue to report to work. Information will be provided as it becomes available.”

And it’s signed (as before) by…

Matthew D. Loeb
International President,IATSE

Rebecca Rhine
National Executive Director, IATSE Local 600

Rachael Stanley
Executive Director, IATSE Local 892

Greg Reeves
Business Representative-Secretary, IATSE Local 728

Adam West
Business Representative, IATSE Local 705

Patric Abaravich
Business Representative, IATSE Local 871

Cathy Repola
National Executive Director, IATSE Local 700

Scott Bernard
Business Representative, IATSE Local 695

Doug Boney
Business Representative, IATSE Local 884

Thom Davis
Business Manager, IATSE Local 80

Randy Sayer
Business Agent, IATSE Local 706

Tobey Bays
Business Agent, IATSE Local 44

Robert D. Denne
Business Representative/
Secretary-Treasurer, IATSE Local 729


Chuck Parker
National Executive Director,
IATSE Local 800

The fact that negotiations are continuing is a good sign that both parties are going to try to avoid an IATSE walkout or strike, because it would be hugely debilitating to the entire industry, but there still seems to be a fairly big divide between the two parties. Presumably, will have more updates as there’s something to announce, but we’ll continue reporting on the situation as there’s more news to share.

Edward Douglas
Edward Douglas
Edward Douglas has written about movies for print and the internet for over 20 years, specializing in box office analysis, reviews, and interviews. Currently, he writes features for Below the Line and Above the Line, acting as Associate Editor for the former and Interim Editor for the latter.
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