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Legrand Adds New Options and Enhancements to Evolution Series Floor Boxes and Poke-Thru Devices


Legrand, a global producer of power, light and data equipment, has expanded on the success of its Evolution Series family of products with the launch of new 4- and 5-gang floor boxes and enhanced designed covers for its 6-inch and 8-inch poke-thru devices.

“Our larger gang capacity of Evolution floor boxes really answered our customers’ needs for ample power, communications, and AV services in one powerful box. Now we’re addressing the need for the same flexible features but in a lower-capacity version,” said Michael Cole, senior product manager for Legrand’s Wiremold product line. “After hearing such praise from customers for the design of our 10-inch poke-thru cover, we’re also reintroducing our 6-inch and 8-inch Evolution poke-thru devices with redesigned and improved covers. Together, the Evolution Series floor boxes and poke-thru devices offer integrators the very best options — no matter the size, scope, or type of installation.”

Wiremold Floorbox Square
Wiremold Floorbox Square

Evolution Series floor boxes work in any type of floor construction, including concrete, raised, or wood. New 4- and 5-gang versions are available in addition to existing 6-, 8, and 10-gang floor boxes. Other features include a broad array of cover styles and finishes, a finished interior, and sliding egress doors. Modules can be removed out of the top of the box — making future changes quicker, easier, and simpler to access for maintenance, without impacting or disconnecting other services.

Engineered with heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum, the redesigned covers of the 6-inch and 8-inch poke-thru devices can withstand heavy foot traffic encountered in open spaces. The covers include spring-loaded, patented sliding egress doors that not only accommodate the space required for cables to exit the device, but also shut automatically when the user closes the cover. They are manufactured with a durable, self-aligning hinge assembly that swivels open to a full 180 degrees. When compared to traditional flip-top covers, the fully open cover is expected to reduce tripping incidents. The latest cover assembly, combined with ease of installation, makes this product offering an ideal choice for both retrofit and new construction applications. Integrators can make any service addition or changes simply by lifting the unit out of its installed position within the floor.

Wiremold Floorbox Circle
Wiremold Floorbox Circle

Evolution Series floor boxes and poke-thru devices are UL listed. The poke-thru devices are UL fire classified for up to two hours in accordance with U.S. and Canadian safety standards. They also meet all scrub water requirements.

Wiremold solutions are available through Middle Atlantic Products. More information about this and other Wiremold products is available at

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