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Lighting Your Shot Workshop


“Lit” by Animation Mentor Alumna Shannon Taylor.

Animation Mentor announced the launch of its new workshop designed specifically for animators interested in using light with a filmmaker’s perspective.

“Animation is not easy and it requires that passion to continually learn and grow,” said Bobby Beck, Animation Mentor’s CEO and co-founder. “All great animators have that learner mentality that has to be constantly nurtured and cultivated. That’s why we’re so excited about our new Lighting Your Shot workshop — it feeds that yearning to learn and improve that all of our students have.”

The six-week workshop uses Autodesk Maya and mental ray to teach students a typical CG lighting and rendering workflow. Students also learn how to work more effectively in the CG production pipeline and add a new level of depth to their projects. This combination of aesthetic and technical concepts helps students to understand the critical role lighting plays in bringing stories to life on the big screen. This is where students learn to integrate lighting to elevate their work to make it stand out.

“Think of a memorable scene from a favorite movie,” said Ben Fischler, curriculum director for the Lighting Your Shot workshop. “You always remember your mood at that exact moment. And that’s exactly the role that lighting can do – set the mood for that precise moment. Our students will embrace this full cinematic approach and ultimately start to think like a filmmaker. That’s how you elevate your work to stand out.”

Students receive a three-year student license from Animation Mentor’s educational partner, Autodesk.

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