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Mexican Cinematographer David Torres Relies on Facilis TerraBlock to Handle Complex Workflows


Facilis, a manufacturer of digital storage for production networks, today announced that Mexican cinematographer, cameraman and editor, David Torres, is using a Facilis TerraBlock 24D shared storage system to handle complex and demanding 6K workflows.

David Torres’ work ranges from the breathtaking series of short films he produced for the project “Stars of the Bicentennial” to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the founding of Mexico, to underwater cinematography and commercials.

Using the Facilis Shared File System that is included with every TerraBlock, Torres was able to easily accommodate his complex multi-platform requirements and enable his team to collaborate on projects using diverse applications and formats.

“I am currently working on a beautiful conservancy film project right now that is being shot in 6K. But I also work for Curiosity Media, a well-known production company based in Mexico City that creates an enormous amount of commercials and other video content, using a variety of formats and codecs,” explained David Torres. “Whether it is handling 6K RAW files in real time, or multiple FCP and Adobe Premier files for offline work, our TerraBlock is in use pretty much 24/7 and solid as a rock.”

Torres’ TerraBlock shared storage system is set up to support 6 editors working simultaneously, with 4 clients connected via 16Gb Fibre Channel and 2 seats connected via 10Gb Ethernet.

“While our set up is busy and sometimes complex, the system itself is really easy to administer. After all, we are creative people, not engineers! With the TerraBlock, volumes can be made of any size, and the size can be increased or reduced on the fly, as our projects require. Setting up permissions is really simple, and the interface is easy to navigate making the learning curve minimal, and really simplifies the process of bringing in new editors on projects,” added Torres.

“Whenever we have needed a little help while working on intense and challenging projects, the team at Facilis has been stellar, really helpful and responsive. This gives us confidence to know that as we look to taking on even more technically demanding 8K projects, Facilis will be there for us with the technology and team that will support our needs. I am looking forward to seeing demonstrations of SSD hybrid workflows at NAB 2016.”

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