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MSE’s KERRI KART Makes First Appearance at IBC 2016


Kerri Kart
Kerri Kart

Matthews Studio Equipment, known for creating technology for the entertainment industry, brings DP Bill Kerrigan’s KERRI KART, a unique cart/slider option to  IBC 2016 in Building 12 – G71.

Moving equipment around sets and locations can often be time consuming and require several portable cart configurations. Reportedly, DP Bill Kerrigan’s innovative multi-tasking KERRI KART, should help relieve such difficulties.

On top of moving your equipment in a compact form, it also allows for mounting configurations. Shooters have mounted up to six or more cameras as well as gimbal systems on KERRI KART and moved the set up around a stage quickly and efficiently. And, there was even a clear work space available throughout the shoot.

KERRI KART can also mount stabilizers 6-feet in the air, so the camera is in the shooter’s face. The various tools needed throughout the day can sit right under the set up – making teching and balancing easily 50% faster.

For more information on KERRI KART:

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