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Oishii Creative Designs On-Air Package for Sprout Brand Refresh


LR-Sprout-BrandRefresh-CollageL.A.-based Oishii Creative recently contributed to the brand refresh of preschool television network Sprout, with a new on-air look that combines live-action and motion graphics. The company produced more than 60 promotional elements for the network refresh, including live-action spots, lower thirds, bumpers, IDs, end pages, transitions and promo toolkits.

“We created lifestyle vignettes to creatively capture the real-life wonder and moments that preschoolers experience in the world,” explained Ismael Obregon, co-founder and chief creative officer of Oishii Creative. “Young children should be encouraged to play, to explore and to grow with unfettered possibility, which we tried to portray authentically in the brand spots.”

Oishii worked with the theme of “finding the extraordinary in the ordinary,” combining everyday objects with live-action, animation and design. This visual language reflects how children seamlessly blend reality with imagination. Each branding element was created using found objects and props whimsically reimagined as something different – pillows become campfire marshmallows, while a blade of grass becomes a feather in a fedora.

From the live-action shoots involving hundreds of kids and animals, to the original music and sound design by Unbridled Sound, Oishii scrutinized every production detail to convey a unified voice.

“Sprout and Oishii worked closely together to establish our new brand look and feel, showcasing just how vibrant our audience’s real world can be,” said Jennifer Giddens, VP of marketing at Sprout. “Together, we brought Sprout’s vision for celebrating real kids and the possibilities that exist through learning by doing, cultivating their curiosity, and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.”

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