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Osprey Video Launches Talon G1H Encoder for Affordable, One-Button, Broadcast-Quality Web Streaming


LR-TalonG1HIOsprey Video has expanded its encoder lineup once again with the addition of the Talon G1H, a stand-alone hardware encoder with nearly all of the key features of its award-winning predecessor, the Talon G1, but at a lower price and with greater ease of use. The device is designed for video operations outside of the professional broadcast market that still need to stream broadcast-grade video.

“We wanted to create a product that was not only more cost-effective but also easy for nontechnical people to use when sending broadcast-quality content to the web. We found that many of our customers need an encoder to deliver such content to multiple destinations, but they don’t need an HD-SDI input to do it,” said Scott Whitcomb, Osprey Video’s business development manager. “By eliminating that one feature, we’ve given those users an affordable encoding option without having to sacrifice the quality viewers have come to expect, and without needing any training to operate it. They get professional-level performance and reliability in a set-it-and-forget-it device.”

The Talon G1H is intended for video streaming by amateur users in corporate communications, government, houses of worship, mobile broadcast, K-12 education, and small colleges and universities, all of whom tend to rely on HDMI inputs. Osprey heard from many customers in those spaces who wanted the Talon G1’s encoding capabilities at a lower cost, so Osprey made the Talon G1 more affordable by simply taking away the feature this group doesn’t use: the SDI input. As a result, customers still get all the benefits of the Talon G1, including the ability to encode up to three streams simultaneously and also save to a .TS file, with frame alignment across all streams for multiple-bit-rate streaming. The device also includes integrated, application-level publishing straight to the Wowza Streaming Cloud. The Talon G1H can take in video from multiple formats, encode it to H.264, and deliver it over IP, just like its older sibling.

Also in response to user feedback, Osprey simplified the device by adding one-touch streaming control, making it possible for users to start or stop encoding at the push of a button without any technical intervention. The idea is for a technical staff member to configure the device and then leave it for nontechnical staff members to control by simply pushing a button. In this way, nontechnical users such as teachers can begin and end their own streaming sessions at will. This feature saves money because there’s no need to assign extra technical staff to control the device, though centralized control is possible when necessary.

The Talon G1H is available now for $1,190. More information about Osprey Video is available at

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