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Post Logic to NY for Miramax


By Peter Caranicas
As construction proceeds on Post Logic Studios’ new film mastering operation in downtown Manhattan, the facility is preparing to announce several new hires, including colorists, engineers and producers. The venture, which extends the Hollywood-based facility’s reach to the New York market, is underpinned by a three-year deal with flagship client Miramax Films that includes feature-mastering and postproduction work for advertising, airline, cable and home video projects.
Post Logic’s New York unit will provide high-end digital mastering, graphics, online editing and effects services to Manhattan-based production clients. Currently being built are two telecine bays, a machine room, and areas for film restoration, quality control and audio layback. New hardware will eventually include two Thomson Spirits and da Vinci color correction. The company is evaluating options in digital restoration technology.
Post Logic’s expansion is in partnership with Outpost Digital, a unit of commercial production house @radical.media. Post Logic and Outpost will be on the same floor of @radical’s Hudson Street space. Miramax will utilize the Post Logic and Outpost Digital New York facilities as well as Post Logic Studios Hollywood, Santa Monica-based visual effects boutique creocollective and Outpost Digital’s Los Angeles and London locations.
The deal was brokered by Miramax’s EVP/CFO Ross Landsbaum and senior executive Frank Rainone, along with Post Logic’s president Barry Snyder and @radical.media COO/CFO Aric Ackerman.
According to Post Logic executive VP Larry Birstock, the two facilities are highly complimentary. “Outpost specializes in short-form work, especially commercials,” he comments. “Post Logic’s New York facility will be a full-fledged feature film mastering operation with HD capability.” Together, the companies’ combined slate of services will span digital mastering, restoration, DRS, audio, online, editorial, visual effects, graphics, editing and finishing services related to theatrical, television, commercial and music video releases.
Birstock—who is often asked why Post Logic would expand in a city where there have been many postproduction casualties lately—adds that Post Logic’s expertise in digital film mastering is actually in growing demand in the New York market. The facility already does a lot of Miramax’s work in its Hollywood location, and a New York presence will allow it to serve the studio on its home turf.
At the same time, Birstock anticipates no reduction in his Miramax business on the West Coast because he expects the studio to move work from other L.A. houses to Post Logic Hollywood, replacing the work shifting to Gotham.
“We are thrilled to be kicking off this venture with Miramax, an entity so tightly woven into the fabric of the city,” said Snyder. “When our artists log time for clients in New York (as Lou Levinson and Bryan McMahon have done recently for directors Steven Spielberg and Sam Mendes, respectively) they’ll have the added convenience of a New York home base.”
Outpost Digital is co-owned by @radical.media and Lexington Commercial Holdings. Lexington is also the parent company and sole owner of Post Logic Studios and creocollective.

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