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Red Giant Ships New Version of PluralEyes


PluralEyes 3 for Mac is now shipping.
Red Giant announced the release of PluralEyes 3 for Mac OS X, a major upgrade to the company’s audio/video syncing software. PluralEyes 3 automates audio/video synchronization, giving videographers and filmmakers edit-ready footage without clappers or timecode. The new version is up to 20 times faster than PluralEyes 2.

With this release, Red Giant has integrated features from DualEyes to create a standalone PluralEyes application that supports a broad range of filmmaking workflows including native DSLR, along with other cameras, file formats and codecs. A new timeline-based interface displays the syncing process for real-time visual feedback, while new ‘test and tweak’ features give quality control and greater confidence in the sync.

To showcase PluralEyes 3, Webby Award-winning filmmaker Seth Worley has released his third short film for Red Giant, called Form 17 — a high-tension thriller about a bomb technician facing his most hazardous situation yet – Take Your Daughter To Work Day. With several cameras shooting at once and tons of fast-paced dialog, Worley put PluralEyes 3 through its paces.

Director, DP and filmmaker Philip Bloom has been testing the new features in PluralEyes 3. “PluralEyes 3 is a massive improvement over the previous versions,” he said. “A terrific new UI makes syncing sound to video not only a simple task, but it’s also fascinating to watch it at work as it shuffles things around visually.”

PluralEyes 3 for Mac is available immediately and priced at $199.00 for new customers, and as a $79.00 upgrade for Plural Eyes 2 and DualEyes owners. PluralEyes 3 also includes a copy of PluralEyes 2 and DualEyes, which provide support for Mac, Windows and all NLEs. For new customers, these tools give instant access to syncing on every platform and OS until the free PluralEyes 3 for Windows update is available.

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