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Rock Paper Scissors Cuts Viral Hit for Pepsi MAX


Kyrie Irving poses as a 70-year-old man in this viral video for Pepsi Max.

Throughout the NBA Finals, Pepsi MAX drove millions of basketball fans across the world to a YouTube video profiling a breakout basketball sensation – a 70-year-old man known only as Uncle Drew who shows up on a New Jersey street ball court and dominates with a dazzling array of crossovers, dunks and long-range shots. The secret – which is revealed at the end of a 5:00 video created by Davie Brown Entertainment and cut by Rock Paper Scissors – is that the crusty septuagenarian is actually 20-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving in an elaborate special effects makeup disguise.

The video, which has had 14 million views on YouTube, follows Irving throughout the night. He slides into character on the car ride to the court, complaining about the lack of fundamentals in modern basketball, and then appears to reluctantly enter the game when a player on his “nephew” Kevin’s team is injured.

From there, Rock Paper Scissors wove together on-court action and crowd reaction as Uncle Drew first seems to struggle and then begins to dominate, slicing the opposing team apart with a sequence of swished shots and impossible moves.

“No one except for the nephew character and the person who faked an injury so that Uncle Drew could enter the game knew what was really going on,” explained editor Damion Clayton. “That made for some really incredible crowd reaction shots. Kyrie played his part perfectly, making our job in the edit suite that much easier.”

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