Shutterstock Provides Footage for Bellum’s On the Spot

LR-shutterstock_938680Stock footage house Shutterstock announced it is supplying Bellum Entertainment with key footage for its ongoing series On the Spot, an entertaining and educational half-hour program geared towards families and teens.

“By using the extensive library Shutterstock provides, we can better serve our audience with striking images,” assistant producer Matt Coccoluto explained.

Each of the three segments in each episode features a different category. The categories contain a number of questions at a fast pace. Questions range from basic history, like “who was Ponce de Leon?” to more unusual questions, such as “can a cow have an accent?” Each question is explained with the help of Shutterstock footage.

“Shutterstock has a large library of high quality footage of all types, which helps us supplement our content and tell certain stories with greater detail,” Coccoluto said.

For the question about Ponce de Leon, (a Spanish explorer who sailed around the world looking for The Fountain of Youth, and accidentally discovered Florida), Bellum’s production team combined photos with stock footage of sailboards, Florida, Spain and even the ocean to help tell the story.

“There is an undeniable connection between education and visual imagery,” said Ben Pfeifer, Shutterstock’s VP of new business. “Our footage collection empowers Bellum’s message and advances that relationship.”

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