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Sony Adds Consumer Imaging Sensors to FRAMOS Distribution in North America


lr-sonyframosFRAMOS announced today that is has secured a partnership with Sony to be their North American stocking and technology distributor of consumer imaging sensors.

Under this agreement, FRAMOS will offer both packaged and bare die Sony consumer imaging sensors for consumer application portfolios to its North American network of imaging clients, OEMs and camera manufacturers. The addition of these sensors to the FRAMOS portfolio of products, will enable them to assist companies and OEM’s that are looking to deploy consumer imaging sensors and need local support, removing the reliance on traditional Asian consumer market channels.

Sebastien Dignard, president of FRAMOS Technologies explained, “Framos’ unique business approach of Sensors to Systems not only enables clients who integrate Imaging to shorten their design cycles and reduce design risks, but also offers a variety of business conditions that one can expect from a large international Distributor. We are very proud to grow with Sony and its Semiconductor and Sensor division with the addition of the Consumer Imaging Sensors offering. We believe that easy access to world leading sensors such as the IMX177, IMX277, IMX377 and IMX477 will be popular with clients in all consumer based verticals.”

The IMX377 and IMX317 both offer MIPI interfaces which reduce development cycles and overall design complexity providing fewer obstacles and lower costs when deploying new products. Consumer packaged sensors come in a large range of sizes from 4/3″ to the smaller 1/3.6″ form factor. To keep pace with the rapid rate of innovation in the industry, the IMX317 has combined the powers of Exmor R technology, MIPI and 60fps 4K resolutions.

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