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Sound Devices, LLC, And Ambient Recording Collaboration Offers Wireless Control


LR-Sound Devices - Ambient Recording Necessary ComponentsSound Devices, LLC, and Ambient Recording GmbH announce that their products can now seamlessly work together to provide wireless remote control and enhanced workflow functionality for 6-Series Mixer/Recorders. With its latest firmware updates, Sound Devices’ 6-Series mixer/recorders and Ambient Recording’s ACN Network System can deliver powerful remote transport control, metadata editing, and timecode functionality. All Sound Devices 6-Series mixer/recorders (633, 664, and 688) can be remote controlled by Ambient Recording’s Master Lockit Web interface, while ingesting critical metadata into the ACN Network System.
This collaboration fully integrates Sound Devices’ 6-Series products into the ACN with continuous jam and zero-drift timecode. The new Remote tab in the Master Lockit web interface provides wireless control of the most important mixer/recorder functions, including record start/stop, track naming, track arming, metadata entry for the current and upcoming clip, and more. Audio professionals may control any 6-Series by directly connecting the Ambient ACN-ML Master Lockit to the mixer’s USB port, or through the USB keyboard port on a Sound Device’s optional 6-Series accessory, the CL-12 linear fader controller.
“Sound Devices relationship with Ambient Recording continues to evolve as we work together to provide the very best audio tools for Production Sound professionals,” said Paul Isaacs, director of project management and design, Sound Devices, LLC. “By adding wireless remote capabilities, our 6-Series users can now control, edit metadata, and manage timecode using any smartphone, tablet or computer, offering greater convenience and workflow functionality on-set or in the field.”
Sound Devices 633 with Ambient Recording
Sound Devices 633 with Ambient Recording

Sound Devices 6-Series mixer/recorders offer a full range of audio solutions with varying capabilities. With 12 inputs and 8 output buses, the 688 is a portable audio powerhouse that incorporates a multi-channel mixer, two automixers, and a 16-track recorder. It also seamlessly integrates with the optional SL-6 powering and wireless system. The 664 is one of the flagship products in Sound Devices’ line of field production mixers. It has 12 analog inputs, four output buses, and records these 16 tracks to both CF and SD cards. The 633 is a compact, six-input mixer with integrated 10-track recorder and quad-powering capabilities with PowerSafe for all-day performance.

“Combining functions of the audio and timecode in the Master Lockit’s web interface enables the Audio Engineer to focus on the ever-important audio recording while simultaneously controlling timecode and monitoring frame rate, range, slate clap times, and battery status of all ACN devices on the set,” said Klaus Grosser, R&D manager and ACN product manager, Ambient Recording GmbH. “We are excited to offer this new wireless remote-control capability to Sound Devices 6-Series customers.”

The Master Lockit is the control center of the ACN timecode and metadata network. Acting as the network central hub, it enables remote control of all ACN units on set via browser on any WiFi capable device. In addition, it collects all metadata from script, continuity, and professional cameras for delivery and use by DITs and post production.

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