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Tono Studios Invests in Full Technical Overhaul


LR-Tono-9Santa Monica-based audio post facility Tono Studios announced that it has completed a full overhaul of its software and hardware infrastructure.

Retiring all of the studio’s older hardware systems, in all 4 workstations, Tono has implanted new Mac Pro 3.7 Ghz Quad Core computers, Thunderbolt Sonnet XMac ProServer with expandable chassis for Avid HDX (Audio), Blackmagic Decklink HD (Video) and Thunderbolt G-Tech G-Dock hardrives.

Tono also brought its software up to date with an upgrade to ProTools 11, McDSP HD v5 and Altiverb 7 in AAX version, among other plugin upgrades.

With the technology revamp, the machine room also has undergone a redesign to allow for seamless workflow, including the introduction of two new Mac Mini 3.0 Ghz Dual-Core servers.

“We’re ringing in 2015 with all new technology to allow us to do everything and anything our clients need even better than before,” said chief engineer and co-founder Jaime Zapata. “We want to set the pace in our industry, not keep up with it.”

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