Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Tool Expands Experiential and VR Division


Santa Monica-based production company Tool announced the expansion of its experiential and VR division. The division, which focuses on projects for the commercial and entertainment industries, is led by managing partner digital Dustin Callif and managing director live action Oliver Fuselier and supported by recently hired EP integrated Steve Gould.

The company recently launched a Google Cardboard VR film project for Converse and Anomaly. Additionally, the group is working directly with Google’s Zoo Division on browser-based VR work. Last year, Tool produced the well-publicized “South Park Oculus Rift Experience” in which the town of South Park was re-created as an immersive VR world. Additionally, Tool produced “Conductar VR,” an Oculus Rift experience for the art, technology and music festival, Moogfest.

Additional projects in the works include “Heartbot” for Intel, “Missing” for The XX, “Popped” for Wheat Thins, “Playground Deconstructed” for Sonos, the “IBMblr Play Machine” for IBM, “Box” for Bot & Dolly/Autofuss, “Pyradical” for FITC, and “Logo Remix” for Adobe and “It’s Our Time” for AT&T.

“It continues to be an exciting time for innovation,” said Callif. “We want to be at the forefront of creating the next generation of advertising and entertainment.”

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