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Video of the Day: Book of Mojo Trailer



Glendale, Calif.-based Alchemy Engine launched a Kickstarter campaign today in support of Book of Mojo, a gritty yet humorous animated web series that blends the darker tone of ​ The Dark Knight and the humor and morality of ​Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Alchemy Engine is a team of 25 past employees of major studios such as Pixar Animation Studio, Dreamworks Animation and Blue Sky Studios that banded together to produce compelling young-adult content with a propensity for creative risks.

“Everyone here in Alchemy Engine was feeling restricted by the limitations of big studios production,” explained creator/director Everett Downing Jr. “We wanted an outlet to share our true voices, our untouched ideas. That’s when we came up with Book of Mojo.”

Set in the tough city streets of an urban fantasy world, Book of Mojo follows the exploits of a strong female, ethnic runaway named Creepy and her partner, Mojo, a seven foot tall enchanted statue. The deep, multi-faceted nature of the characters allow for the daring yet humorous storytelling, while weaving responsibility as a theme throughout the show.

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