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LR-WixWeb development platform recently tapped creative/production studio Committee LA for its first Super Bowl ad.

The San Francisco-based creative team of Jeff Huggins and Andrea Janetos partnered with Committee LA founders directors Frank Samuel, Jeff Reed and executive producer Lauren Bayer on the :30 ad entitled “Wix Entrepreneurs.” The spot, which features Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Larry Allen, Franco Harris and Emmitt Smith, will appear during the fourth-quarter of Super Bowl XLIX on NBC Feb. 1.

The spot opens with Favre meeting with his agent (played by actor Rex Lee, best known as Lloyd, the long-suffering assistant to agent Ari Gold on HBO’s Entourage) to discuss his next career move. After Rex suggests he start a new business, it cuts to a montage of new businesses founded by fellow former NFL-ers, including Smith’s Double Deuce nightclub, where he shows off the dance moves that won him first-place on Dancing With The Stars, and Owen’s ironically-named Humble Pie Bakery, among others. The spot ends with Favre launching Favre & Carve, a gourmet charcuterie, specializing in Cajun sausage, cured meats and Wisconsin cheeses.

“Because Jeff, Lauren and I have long creative relationship this project came together in a way that it might not have if we were working in a more traditional agency/production company role,” said Samuel. “Wix was looking for a creative idea and a unified production/creative team built specifically to deliver that idea – not an office full of account executives and cost consultants.”

Samuel explained that creatively, the team began the production process by asking themselves what a new business really needs to get started – a website, local ads, online videos, a social media presence – and then went about creating that content.

A Committee LA crew of 22 traveled first to New Orleans to shoot scenes with Favre and Lee, then crisscrossed the country to shoot the other talent, always working under enormous time and schedule constraints.

“We wanted viewers to be unsure whether this was real or not,” said Samuel. “We basically lived a year in the life of five small businesses in about a month, taking each of these five businesses from initial concept to start-up launch.”

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