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Art Direction

Production Designers to Unveil Tricks of the Trade

The art and craft of production design will be explored in detail during the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ four-evening seminar series “Evolution or Revolution? Production Design in the 21st Century.” Sessions will be held on four consecutive Mondays beginning on April 25 and will be moderated by two of the Academy’s Art Directors Branch governors, production designer Jim Bissell (300, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind) and set decorator Rosemary Brandenburg (Public Enemies, Transformers). […]

Art Direction

Contenders – Art Direction: Guy Hendrix Dyas, Larry Dias and Doug Mowat, Inception

Set decorators Larry Dias and Doug Mowat have had a 15 year friendship but have never worked together professionally. That all changed with Inception – director Christopher Nolan’s masterful science-fiction thriller, a film vivid with imagination and stunning imagery. Inception has already received three BAFTAs for Best Sound, Best Visual Effects and Best Production Design. At the helm of the production design was Guy Hendrix Dyas, who invited Dias and Mowat onto the production to help complete the task of building a dream within a dream. […]

Art Direction

Production Designer Robert Stromberg Conjures Lewis Carroll

For the thousands who work below the line in Hollywood, the ongoing goal is to become attached to prestige projects, which not only garner due attention, but also awards consideration. Very rarely, these choice projects come forth repeatedly, much less back-to-back. Case in point, production designer Robert Stromberg faced the enviable task of co-designing James Cameron’s Avatar with Rick Carter before being approached for the assignment of serving as sole designer of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. […]